Sizable Change in Net Assets

When looking at a company’s financial statements, they should be viewed as similar to a report card in school - organizing and summarizing business performance during a selected period of time. The base numbers are derived solely from decisions and [...]

Fidelity Bonds

To understand if your 401k plan has a fidelity bond on it, you need to first understand what a fidelity bond is. And even though the ERISA regulation isn’t actively enforced all of the time, it puts your company at [...]

Unallocated Funds

Sometimes a plan has stale dated checks, or settlement checks from funds. When that happens, they are deposited into an unallocated asset category. Which means, those funds end up sitting still and not doing anything to benefit an investment strategy [...]

Pooled Separate Accounts (PSA)

A 401k plan that’s held with an insurance company often offers a product used by investors to gain positive returns called a Pooled Separate Account. While these accounts can offer options from many providers, they are all placed into one, [...]

Does your 401k have proprietary funds?

If you participate in a 401k, you may own a proprietary fund and not even be aware of it! That’s bad news because these funds are expensive, and typically aren’t the best in class. Having proprietary funds relies mainly on [...]